Welcome to the 18th International Congress of Myriapodology!

The 18th International Congress of Myriapodology will be held in Budapest, Hungary, between 25-31 August 2019.

The venue is the exhibition building of the Hungarian Natural History Museum (2-6 Ludovika square, H-1083 Budapest).

Organizing committee:
    Chair: Dr Zoltán Korsós
    Co-chair: Prof. Elisabeth Hornung
    Secretary: Dr Eszter Lazányi
    Members: Dr Dorottya Angyal, Dr Dávid Bogyó, Dr László Dányi

Co-organizer: Hungarian Biological Society
    Managing Director: Melinda Mecsnóber


About the conference logo:

In Hungary and in many other countries the age limit of maturity is 18, so we thought to refer to this fact by using a picture of mating Julidae. We are thankful to Melvyn Yeo for giving us free use of his photo made of (probably) Trigoniulus corallinus. We would like to thank Tamás Grőb for making a black-and-white line-drawing logo of the photo.